"Now I am true Wargamer!"

It happened. I have started to work on Napoleonics. Dalcor, Me and one of our best wargaming buddies decided we will start Napoleonic Wars project together. We have tried a ruleset, we chose our armies and now we started to build them.
Fun fact: None of the WASP have ever been tempted to play in Napoleonic era!

What happened?
There is a guy in our gaming group. We met playing X-Wing. He is very pleasent to be around and very funny guy. We just wanted to play more with him but he only has armies for Napoleonics. However, one day he came up with Chosen Men - napoleonic skirmish game with about 40 miniatures per side. Of course, we have offered to test the rules with him and it was a blast!

The game was great fun, mostly because of the people who met at the table. The ruleset is simple and nice. Not perfect but good enough! The guy brought both armies for the test and we really enjoyed the game. Next week, we ran second test. And then, we discussed our next steps in this project.

Pretty quickly we have agreed on which part of Napoleonic Wars we want to focus. Around Leipzig 1813. Right after that we picked our armies, started common facebook conversation and began with our research. We have even given ourselves nicknames based on the armies we have picked (Little Schwarzenberg as the guy picked Austrians, Little de Tolly for Dalcor building his Russians and I am Little Fournier - the Emperors worst subject). It's very pleasent when you work with friends on common project.

Fresh Start
My gaming budget is tight but thankfully, I have great friends who saw my enthusiasm for Napoleonics and I have been given the most beautiful birthday presents (thank you again Garry). Now I am building this small army and I am completely consumed by the topic. I started digging in the era, reading books and study this part of history I have never been tempted to study. One reason I really like historical wargaming is that I really love history. I really like learning new things about any particular era, I just need some extra motivation to do so. Painting figures is good one.

The most important message
On this occation, I have learned many things. Beside historical facts, I have learned a lot about wargaming and myself. It's not important what games or historical era you want to play. It's always about the people you want to play with. Thank you Dalibor, Filip and Garry for reminding me that.
See you at the table.


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