Kill Team 2016 AAR and Revisited

So we went through our first 40K game after several years. We choose to play Kill Team this time because we like skirmish games and to be hones we do not have that much 40K models any more. Just because we are not WAAC games, more likely we are narrative games we took the absolute Classic – Space Marines Tactical Squad vs Chaos Space Marines.

Mantis Warrior Battle Brother,
via Forge World, Badab War

My 3rd Squad 2nd Company Mantis Warriors soldiers receive all the traits appropriate to their combat doctrine.
Veteran Brother-Sergeant Eligos, trait: Quick Thinker (Seize Initiative on 4+ with reroll thanks to FW Chapter Tactics)
Brother Devastator Firus, Heavy Bolter, Sharpshooter (ignores cover)
Brother Zalil, Infiltrate
Brother Quatalis, Killer Instinct
Battle Brothers Aared, Dirvan, Mikhtar, Varttan, Zaidan, Shahir

My bro Jiron plays Fallen Executioners; „Forsaken“ Squad of the 3rd Company
Veteran  Brother-Sergeant Baldric (Iron Resolve command trait)
Second in Command Osberth (Bolter – Preferred Enemy: Space Marines)
Heavy Weapon Operator Ordgar (Lascannon – Expert Shot)
Special Weapon Operator Deorwin (Flamer – Feel no Pain)
6 Battle Brothers

Executioners Battle Brother,
via Forge World, Badab War

We play missing in which it was important to identify three objectives, one of which was loot for the soldiers. Nice scenario, however all those scenarios are more about „rules“ then story, just objectives are placed there, run for them. Nothing special. Unfortunately we did not have enough LOS-block terrain, because skirmish games are not so favourite in Czech gaming scene, so game stores does not have enough of scatter and special LOS block terrain. In this 40K iteration, the LOS block is very important, so as enough cover. Well we decided to test the game rules. I don’t want to bother you with exact details. Expert Shot with Lascannon is very strong and Jiron deployed very well, also have more buildings on his side of table, so this guy was super sniper.  He was able to kill all my specialists very fast. Due to superior cover I was unable to kill him even with a lot of superpower, and by dices are known for failing the save rolls which prove to be through and decisive. Jiron plays better than me as well and use his advantage in terrain very good.
We have tested CC as well, just for game sake, otherwise the gunnery will dominate the battlefield, just because the table is too big.
We decided to play Kill Team as I mentioned previously just because we like the 40K, we like the narrative skirmish gaming. We would like to get more of the 40K feelings and support this with our choice of the favourite armies at this moment.


Surprise Attack
(Carcharodons are my number three most hated chapters)
via Devian Art by cjszk3

Just, one big nothing….
40K is not Skirmish Game. I GOYGO system is definitely absolutely bad for the skirmish one wound gaming. Where 40K is about shooting firepower and initiative run, it’s the same for this one. However in whole army you can absorb some damage, and even there are death stars. In one wound one death scene of Kill Team, advantage of better firepower has very huge impact. Especially thanks to specialists you can really make a death zone for the opponent. I am not sure how WAAC or horde lists will manage, but is that still Kill team with 30 orcs? So the vial tactics is to overload enemy with save rolls. That’s nothing I am interesting in.
I have to put emphasis that we used classic units in not very appropriate table, but we were quite disappointed. In my point of view this old classic (from 3rd edition, right) is devolved in Max firepower, Initiative roll dependant game, And that’s not enough for us.

What can help?

·         Unbound models (at least for specialists) with all the rules – no model per unit

  • ·         Alternating Activation
  • ·         3x3 table instead of 4x4
  • ·         All vehicles forbidden except transport (all other limitations applied)
  • ·         +1 wound per model  
  • ·         Leader has Heroic Resolve, re-roll of his last failed save

To play with Fluff and Marines in totally different Game System made for Skirmish Gaming. For Example 40K Black Ops could be cool.

PHOTO: Forge World, Badab War books

For the Emperor.  Hydra Dominatus.


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