Recollection of my collection

Though I have decided not to play Warhammer 40.000 any more some time ago, my brother proposed something tempting. One grand battle. The last battle of our collections. Well, I have not sold any of the pieces yet so here is the lining for the epic matchup.

Lined up for battle

 I have started to collect Chaos Space Marines about five years ago but about another year I have been considering the warband. I have always been Khorne inclined but I was not very happy with the Citadel shades of red. After long consideration, I decided I will invent my own warband and the colour scheme ended up brown, bronze and bleached bone. As a former Skaven player, I have named those guys Space Rats.

"Get ready guys!"
Though the Space Rats were not my first W40K army, they were the first I put my heart in. I deviced background based on Warpstone, which add a lot of green to my colour scheme. I use a lot of plasma and my most often used Elite slot is the band of possessed. They are the outcome of the strange underground experiments with mutation.

"Please don't take us back to labs..."

  So I have put my whole collection on the table and let my wife to make some photos. Then I have counted all the points for the last epic battle. The outcome? 4079 pts.

"We will lead you to the last battle"

I am looking forward to the last battle and everyone be ready for the grand battle report!

"We're ready for our last battle!"

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