Lion Rampant - First Game

This report should start with Newspaper titles like: „Daniel Mersey and Osprey Publishing are responsible for the deaths of two Czech kings. Latest researches indicates that Ottakarus II Premyslin on the Battle of Marchfeld and, John, King of Bohemia and Duke of Luxemburg at Crecy died because they follow rules of the wargaming game Lion Rampant written by Daniel Mersey and published by Osprey Publishing…“ It has to be said that situation on the table was closely reminiscent to the deaths of Jan and Premysl Otakar II. 
“Let it never be the case that a Bohemian king runs from a fight!”
During CSE 2015 Spring finaly came the time when me and my bro played first Lion Rampant game, which we presented to the majoriry of the Czech non-warhammer gamers. We have purchased the ruleset with joy, but we dont have any historical miniatures yet, therefore most of the question/answer was:
Q:„Are you playing Warhammer?“ with scowl /Warhammer is not liked on CSE/
A „No, we are playing Lions Rampant“ with growing anger
Q „Whats that?“ curiously
A: „Very cool minimalistic historical wargame“ happily

By the way, do you know what is coat of arms of Kingdom of Bohemia?
My Lizzardmens consists of Temple Guard (Foot Man-At-Arms), Saurus Warriors (Foot Serjeants), Cold One Riders (Mounted Man-At-Arms), four units of Skinks (Bidowers). 42 models, 7 units, General in Cold One Riders. Jiron used army of Orcs and Gobling, 42 models to divided into 6 units of Black Orcs (Foot Man-At-Arms), Forest Goblin Spider Riders (Mounted Serjeants), First Goblin Wolf Riders (Mounted Yeoman), 2xNight Goblins Spearmans (Foot Yeomans) a Night Goblin Archers (Archers). As mission we chose the Bloodbath (destroy more units than oponent). Also end in this mission occur when you roll on your d6 dice more, than you have units on table (starting with 5).
Orcs General (Intothegroinkicker was his name, believe me in czech it sounds great) boasted that he slays my general Skullcrusher (3 glory), meanwhile by cold one veteran boasted morale of the troops that my army destroys more units that those greenskins (2 glory). We have decided that for the first game we will choose only one boast each. Also our generals choosed their skill – mine was Vulnerable, Jirons was Insipid.  And that the winds of war started to blow. 

Jiron won the Attacker/Defender roll, he decided that the Black Orcs move first, and he fails utterly. His black orcs interested more in animosity between green skins that cold blod lizzards in front of them. So my Skullcrusher general yelled order for his cold one riders, but those were relay stupid – the cold ones, not riders) and decided that they will not move (wink for warhammer fans here).
So Initiative goes for OnG, and they moved. Well actualy only spider riders moved. Other still dont like spiders so they let them go. On my side now, Cold Ones finnaly moved and unit of bidower skinks moved as well. When even the Black Guard moved, it was pretty clear that they will be a duel.
The most funny part of the game, and also the most heroic. Oponents roll three dices and the one who has more 5+ wins and slays his oponent – not the gamer of course, the general. I have one 5+, Jiron none, so his black orc roared for the last time, and Jiron roared as well as his boast glory points was lost…

The rest of the game concluded pretty normally we have ben even able to have each full activation round (all units followed the orders). My dice rolls slighty better than Jirons, and I realy enjoyed Evade rules with Skinks. At the end it means that I slaughtered units of Black Orcs and Wolf Riders, so I forced Jiron to roll for the endgame, what he done instantly on the first possible outcome. BTW Daniel if you read this, this endgame option have to have some cool name. I have lost only one unit of skinks and almost whole unit of Riders, only General stays on. Lucky for me. It means that I have get 5 glory for destroying more units (2:1) and 2 glory for fullfilled boast (actually they have had a very goof beer from Policka brewery in Brno). Jiron lost -1 glory as he was not fullfilled the boast, so he sipped his dark beer later on only. In total 7:-1 for Lizzies.

Actualy we have realized during the game that we missed some rules. But we returned back to them as soon as possible. And in the beginning I mispaced orders and move stats. Also we forget that units are not locked in combat and that they have to move from themselves 3 inches. For the first game our tactic was straightforward, we just tried to get the rules to be automatic. What is interesting, that if Jiron just killed one more Cold One, the game will be a draw and supplemental glory /boasts/ will decide the winner, which is pretty dynamic. Even though I will win the mission objective, still the oponent can beat me as he has smaller objectives to reach. 

There are some rules questions.
Vulnerable – it means that lucky hits are done on double 1, double 2 and double 3? 

At the end, I have to say, that the game was lively. Even with rule-searching the game was played within 40 minutes. Strange rules paper-wise (end turn on activation failure) makes the game fast and furious when played. This chaotic activation makes the game more lively and realistic at the end. As I mentioned before, there si clear reminiscent to the battle of Crecy, and death of our King there, just because some idiots follows the rules for activation and moved earlier again English lines that the support. And Our king was forced to do as well not to lose his face – even though he already lost sight years before. And it almost realy cost us dearly, because during the attack, crown prince Charles the fourth, beloved Father of the Country for czechs, and later Roman Emperor was grievely wounded during this ill-fated attempt to test of horse is faster than arrow. For the matter, my cold ones behaved the same way. Instead of full control, you have to accept that there is bloody chaos on the field and no walkie-talkie. Ottokar II Premyslid should tell you…
Ottokar II of Bohemia

Ending the game for random dice roll is time saving action, and it has to be houseruled if you don’t agree with it. And its game balance as well, so you will re-think to take 2 Mounted Man-At-Arms and 2 Foor Man-At-Arms, because it should be endgame in turn one.
What to say here. Where can I get plastic historical miniatures for King Ottokar II Iron and Golded King, Zavis from Falkenstein and knights of my country? Lion Rampant FTW.

autor: Dalcor


  1. Nice to see you enjoyed the rules.
    I think the important word in the rules is 'score' (or dice total).
    Lucky blow score is normally 2 (1+1)
    Vulnerable: Killed by lucky blows on a score of 2 or 3 (i.e. 1+1 or 2+1)

    Fireforge produce some nice and cheap historical medieval plastic which you could use for your army.

    This is a new forum dedicated to the rules which the author posts on quite regularly if you have any rules questions.


  2. Hello Matt,
    Thank you for your comment, and sorry for late answer, seems I did not setup comments notification well.
    I am already registered at the forume and I like it. Actualy we have finnaly decided to explore Dark Ages period, but definetely Fireforge are option for some other ideas we have about Lion/Dragon Rampant. Cheers Dalcor



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