My recent jungle exploits

                 Those of you, who know me for some time, know that I have never build terrain. I even never wanted to. The best I could do to play at home was to buy pre-painted, ready to play ruins. Well, this have changed with my idea to start a new army for Infinity.
                 After many thoughts, I have decided to start PanOceanian Military Orders, The Holy Order of Teutonic Knights. These guys are a bunch of aggressive fanatics specialized to fight in thick jungles of Paradiso against the thread of alien Combined Army. As it’s just a side project, I decided to build it as force commited to the cause of wreaking havoc, rather then some subtlety. As It’s going to be a closed project with just 8 knights and some small support, I decided to do something more then build some figures and paint them (still on queue, by the way). I decided I will make some jungle terrain for the guys! How cool is that?!
               So I have watched some tutorials, deemed them too difficult or annoying, and bound to the hobby shop for hot melt glue. Then I just needed to get some plants and ideas. When I went around a pet store, I took a peek in on some aquarium plants. I have also looked on some aquarium rocks and then came the girl in the orange shirt of a store assistent with her perfectly modulated question: „Good morning, sir, what can I do for you?“ well, I don’t know why but I didn’t want to smash her face with explanation that I need to build a little jungle for little tinmen to play with. So I said, with eyes on the tip of my toes: „It’s my fish birthday. I am looking for a present“.
Well, that knocked her out for a moment but she insisted. „What fish do you have, sir?“ she replied. I knew I should have told her that I like none of their wares and try my luck elsewhere to avoid more lies but, without thinking, I have said a name of the first fish I could remember (my father have had fish when I was a kid so something stuck). „Oh“ said the lady „those doesn’t like such large rocks as you are seeing. They’re more into gravel or so.“ And back I am in the labyrinth of lies. „You’re right! I will rather také some plants!“ I replied. She smiled and went to the plant counter. With bag full of plastic plants and cold sweat on my brow I bolted out of the shop.

Now to the product of my effords. I have made something already. See! 

Photo: Bára Zemanová

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autor: Jiron


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