A Game of Life or Fun?

I have to admit that after long years of wargaming I am more and more tired to learn new heavy sets of rules, move huge armies between tournaments, clubs and friends. I am tired to care less about the game and fun it brings then to be worried if I don’t forgot some rules, or if I calculated the outcome of the skirmish well.
I quit Warhammer Fantasy and 40k because they fulfil exactly what I hate about wargaming nowadays. Moreover they are really high cost games, with little but p2w influence. Of course the skill is still important, but this financial circus GW started, no more of those games.
I started with Infinity next. That’s game with quite a lot of complex and tactical issues, few models, yet extremely rules-heavy. Moreover N3 will probably increase average of the models in games. You know, they really need to sell those models. But more and more models with rules heavy approach, with a great number of dice rolling. That’s not really game for fast paced casual games on the way home from the office.
Warmahordes, where I proudly own 35 points of Legion of Everblight is definitely not lightweight game. We have agreed with Jiron, that instead of enjoying the story and narrative (forge the narrative HO HO HO) aspect, we came to conclusion that we are more interested that we need to position the models this way and to calculate the outcome of potential charges, instead to enjoy how the Pillars of Halaak smash poor elves.
There was no budget for new games. With something five-hunnerd of figurines on top of shelves there is no space to buy new games, with a lot of models (you know, there is always the option, no?). I have to spare time to paint and then sell the models on eBay, even though I have a lot of old-timers before GW financial spiral and devaluation, sorry protection, of Czech Crown.
So I stand in front of the shelves rethinking my wargaming life. Playing – bored me, assembling– bored me, painting – bored me. My wife started to celebrate… (un)fortunately too early.
So I said to myself: „Dalcor, what do you expect from your wargaming life? “
  • Fast, Lite intuitive games, with some tactical issues
  • No need for extra and great community, as I hate tournaments and what tournaments do to some people
  • Few models
  • Low or no extra cost or upkeep cost /no new codex every half year J
  •  Game length about 45 minutes
  • Fun
  • Forge the Narrative

 Then Beasts of War report from Salute 2014 came to my mind. There was a lot of distinguished gentleman using small blue rules. Those patriots are still in Her Majesty’s Service, but there were some other games from the Publisher.
Afterwards my local brick and mortar shop discounts some German pirate game, including special price for the rule set.
Nowadays, there is Ronin, Freebooter’s Fate and Lion Rampant on my desk. My inner wargaming-demotivated goddess screams with pleasure (ehm) over fifty sprues of grey. From Dark Eldar to Space Slaver for A Fistful of Kung Fu. See you later with the reviews.

What about you, do you have similar experience?

autor: Dalcor


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